Energy Flow Report Monday-Thursday March 26-29, 2012 with Daily Power Colors

Posted on March 26, 2012



Jupiter. If you look close to the left of the planet, you can see the faint light of some of its moons!



Monday through Thursday March 26-29, 2012

Intuition is our friend to start the week. Taking time to consult our gut feeling, the “knowing” in our heart which course of action FEELS the best will help us make the most of this strong energy flow.

Romantic endeavors are great if you are already involved. If not, do not take up any new partners. Keeping with our status quo through mid-April is advised, in all areas of life.

Do NOT FIGHT authority this week. Many of us will be on both ends of this energy wave, as the boss/parent and the employee/child. There are lessons to be learned by pushing boundaries, but during this week, especially as the week ends, the “higher” rank is going to see the flow go their way.  The best way to use this flow is to know when NOT to abuse our “privileges”.

We are still in a wave of accident proneness, so BE CAREFUL! This will continue through mid-April with varying intensity.  (Maybe a scraped knee here, a broken window there, fender benders to serious accidents.)

We had a couple of days of smoothness and feeling like things were settling down before we began the final push into April. The first 25% of this year is almost gone and it has been a challenge from start to finish. This week will see that continue.


So bright it makes a reflection in the lens. Crescent Moon, March 2012


Monday has many of us wishing for one more day to stay in bed, lounge around the house or do some deep home cleaning.  It is also a day where misunderstanding information may lead to issues, now and at a later date. Before we take issue with something that is said, written or done, we should take time to triple check the facts. If we are misunderstood, we should take the time to explain our selves more thoroughly. If that is not possible, then walk away from the situation and know that it will clear up at a later time.

Tuesday, Wednesday and much of Thursday March 27-28, 2012

 will be high energy to understate it a bit. Physical activity and interesting mental tasks will help to keep us from becoming irritated and frustrated by the overabundance of energy meeting with blockages that will make us wait for results. Best use, make something. Anything. It may be planting a seed, weeding a flower bed, painting a picture or a room in our home, volunteering, writing, composing music, dancing, cooking a great meal or dish, let you imagination go wild. Enjoying the artistic creations of others is also a good use of this wave.

We may have to reign in our tendency to chatter all week due to the excited nature of this flow. Ideas are going to be coming from everywhere, awake and asleep. Keep the pen and paper handy. Write them down and then go back to them after April 15th to see if they still seem as great or maybe even better.


The abundance checks I wrote Saturday. 3-24-2012


The power in our ‘daydreams’ and envisioning our best life is on high this week also. Take some time to bask in the glow of how wonderful life would be if…. Let you self really go to places you may not even have thought o f yet. Be open and if that “voice” tries to jar you away by saying it can never happen, dismiss it by telling it, “No something even MORE wonderful than this WILL happen, so take a hike.” Then go back to your dream cocoon.

We will have the energy to get lots done and can expect to have lots of meeting and gatherings, contacts and communicating. It will be a whirlwind week, with obstacles, of course.

Just take a moment to look into the west as the sun is setting this week. If the sky is clear, you will see just how amazingly lucky we all are right now. We may have to work for these dreams to materialize, and we will be challenged. But those planets and moon are there as physical proof for us to see that we will be reward with beauty and abundance.


Jupiter (top) Venus (low left) and Crescent Moon


Enjoy your week and The Very Best to everyone!


Daily Personal Power Boosting Colors

Monday- Monday’s energy supports dreams and memories. Monday’s colors are white, cream, silver and gray.

Tuesday- Tuesday’s energy supports actively pursuing your passions and desires. Tuesday’s colors are black, red, silver.

Wednesday- Wednesday’s energy supports communication and connection on all levels. Wednesday’ colors are brown, yellow, golden.

Thursday- Thursday energy supports expanding our vision and insight on all levels. Thursday’s colors are green, purple, turquois, burgundy.

Friday- Friday’s energy supports sharing in your relationships on every level. Friday’s colors are pinks, purples, oranges.


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