New Lunar Year, Let’s Attract Some Abundance

Posted on March 22, 2012


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This is a re-post of last years abundance suggestions. I will give more int eh energy flow report that will post tomorrow for Sunday. I figured why re-write the post when I can re-blog?

Please leave all of your tips and hints for attracting abundance for all to share, no matter how crazy you might think they sound.


this is the original post:

Thank You to my sister Anna who called me today with the Best Blog ever for this moment of the year.

Here are two great things we can do anytime from now through the weekend to use our physical energy in attracting abundance and our most treasured dreams.

~~~One is to write an abundance check to yourself. This is an easy thing to do. You can use one of your own checks, but it would be better to make one on the computer or by hand.

I saw an interview with Jim Carey once and he still carries the check he made for himself long before he got his first acting job. It was hand drawn. It had a studio company name and the memo read “acting services rendered”. It was made payable to him and he signed the name of the president of whichever studio he had chosen on the signer line. It had a routing number, account number and check number. The date was about three years in the future from when he made it.

You can choose to make the check for a certain amount you need for a specific need or for an ongoing income stream like Jim Carey. Make it look real and in your daydream/Imagination see yourself receiving checks from the best place possible to for you. Then carry it in your wallet or purse. Take it out daily and look at it, imagining how you will feel when that check is going into your bank. The energy of your thoughts and imagination lets the Universe know this is what you need, it is the reality you want.  This engages our ego, our physical mind in supporting and believing in our heart’s desires.

Examples I found on the web. Some sites say it has to be on the exact day or on the first new moon of the year. But really it those things just give the action more oomph. No matter when you do this, it will send a message to the Universe you are serious and being to attract abundance to your life.

~~~The other great thing to do is write out your top ten true wishes. Again, the writing helps to engage our physical mind into helping focus our thoughts and attention to those dreams.

Take that list and put it in a safe place you can look at it often. You can give it an extra boost by outing in the the abundance or helpful people areas of your bedroom or house.

The abundance area is the farthest left corner of the room from standing in the doorway looking into the room. The Helpful people area is the near right corner of the room from standing in the door. The door could even be in this area.

The main entry to the room, house or buidling will ONLY be in this end of the Grid. In the blue, black or gray area. The list of wishes should be put in the gray or purple area. But any area you can see it daily is great.

The energy is full of growth and starting things. The things we should focus on for the best success are things we have been working on at other times. Start new phases or re-try old ideas. Work on fresh ideas for projects that are already in the works.

Enjoy this abundance attracting energy and keep thinking the best in everything you do! Happy Spring!