An Ode to Spring

Posted on March 20, 2012



For Ever Being Mind Bending

(an Ode to Spring)

Oh Spring, how every heart loves Thee!!!

You make our souls so Happy.

We love the sunshine,

 and the blue skies

We love The Green grass,

And Everything that lasts.

We love The fulfillment of

A promise to be never ending.

Thank-you Creator

For Ever Being Mind Bending.

by AmberLena PDLV


I know there are parts of the world that will be glad to see a change in the weather pattern, and others that are going into winter. Here in Indiana, it is simply inexplicable, the weather that we have had this year.

In Europe, they have had severe winter and hundreds of deaths from severe winter events including cold, dozens of inches of snow and more.

In the United States, we have had a mostly mild winter over all, except for a few lucky snows in the Colorado, upper mid-United States areas. We have had some VERY intense storms as well, with deaths in multiple states in the Ohio/Tennessee Valley area.



The weather in Indiana has been overly warm to say the least. I think the days below 32 degrees F are less than ten. It was 50 in January, now it is 80 in March, does that mean 110 in July? Could we be moving into a temperate climate in general on Earth? There is geological evidence that tropical species lived in and around the North Pole. (Santa must have used camel then!)

There are a couple of mind bending things I have been thinking about in regards to the weather this year.

First is a concept that also applies to computer speeds. It seems that no matter how fast Humans make a computer process, our mind goes ever faster, and we WAIT on the computer to process. And we can tell even a fraction of second’s difference in many cases. The same holds true for the ability to track and predict weather activity. As Humans, we have done many things to be able to detect the make up storm systems. We have implemented extensive warning systems. It seems to be no matter how well we can see “inside the storm”, Nature finds a way to circumvent those tools and surprise us.


Spring flowers were blooming in January.


The severity of the weather is also worthy of some thinking. Although snow storms have diminished markedly it the past 40 years (When I was a kid, Bob Gregory always predicted at least 25 measurable snows, and we got that and more. Now Chris Wright might predict 11 and not get that many), other more fierce weather has taken its place. The wind is incredible, most of the time. A still day or evening is noticed. Storms are intense and scary if you happen to be in one, and the clouds are closer to the Earth than they used to be. It is almost as if we push nature into being one step ahead of us, so there is always something new to discover.

If there was nothing “new” to discover, what would we do with ourselves?

Over the past few years we have been going straight from summer into winter without much easing into it at all, like flipping a switch. This year, we did not get have much cold, but the switch seems to be flipping to summer right now.

The plants and birds I have noticed are VERY early. If this weather was not a trend, I would expect that most birds would not be migrating north so early. Unless they are being tricked by a false reading, I have seen the arrival of several types of birds at least three weeks early. The crows and black birds I am not too happy too see, b/c they like to clean the droppings out of their nests and leave them on my patio. YUK!! We cannot sit there all day everyday to scare them, so we just wash it off.


Many of us have already experienced this sight this year here in Indy.


People are already talking about insects. Once I saw a piece about the fossil of an insect that was EIGHT feet tall! How would you like to meet up with that guy? With these ideal growing conditions, anything is possible. I have heard many home farmers have started their early gardens already. A good thing, since the weather right no is almost too hot for lettuce, radish, peas and the like.

I have been wondering, will it be super hot, unbearable, causing more stress on our over-taxed world or will it be cooler than usual, maybe even cold when it should be hot? Also, will it ever get cold again?

The Universe bends the mind in the myriad of ways we can imagine its flow will take life and reality.

Alright, give it up. What do you think about this year’s weather? Has it been normal where you are or crazy? We would love to hear what you are thinking about this extreme weather and what it has been like in your neighborhood.


Seems like something that could only happen in a cartoon.