Mom Says We Have to Apologize, Sincerely.

Posted on February 29, 2012


In honor of Leap Day, I am happy to have a special guest Blogger.

In her debut appearance to the “blog-o-sphere” I present my Mother!

Her name is Carolyn. She was born in 1945 and has a wide view of the world in which we live. She called me Monday morning very upset by several things that were going on in the world. The burning of books was the main thing however.

As you will find out my Mom loves books. We were brought up to cherish and honor books. Books contain knowledge and information. And if someone decides to destroy all of them, then we will have to rely on only what we can learn from other people we come into contact with. That seems very scary to me.

Please enjoy this heartfelt tribute to the preservation of our freedom to learn, know and grow.



I love to read. Always have. From the first books “My Little Red Book”, “My Little Blue Book” and My Little Green Book”, I was hooked. From the smell of new books. To the comfortable feel of an old book in my hands, I love them. All of them. I have read books that were wonderful and remember-able to the ones that were poorly written and offered me little, if any, knowledge, I still respected them. None ever went into the garbage or the fire. If they left my library they went on to Goodwill or wherever they could be recycled to be read by anyone.



Imagine my dismay when I heard the news that OUR Troops in Afghanistan had been burning books from a library there. Even more dismay to learn some of those books were the Koran, their equivalent to our Bible. And more dismay came when I hear our President is being chided for apologizing for this “misstep”.


Has our world gone completely mad? I have no idea why we were in a library in Afghanistan in the first place. I have no idea why we were burning any written words, much less words we can neither read nor write. But the idea that we shouldn’t apologize for this “misstep” as being wrong, well that simply dumfounds me.



Of course we should apologize. Maybe more than once. If someone was burning the Holy Bible, I am sure most Christians would be ever so outraged, even though we know that there are millions of copies of this book to be found, and true Christians know we are to hide the Word in our hearts, so it can never be taken from us, right?  So, enough on the religious point of the book burning debacle. Now down to the real deal.


Lest we ever forget....written word is the map of our history. It is how we become, how we evolve using the past as our guide of what to do and not to do.


To burn any written word is to burn knowledge, and to burn knowledge is to deprive oneself of enlightenment, and to put us back into the dark ages. Whether we agree with what the written word, either secular or religious, has to say is beside the issue, but to take away that written work and deny ourselves and others of being able to read the words and form an opinion; that is both ignorant and malicious.

We are paying dearly in Afghanistan for this “misstep”, and if an apology will help ease this issue, then oh yes by all means apologize and if needed, maybe a written letter of apology should be sent. I, for one, am thankful we have someone in power that understands this. Now I only hope others will see that as a positive attribute, rather than a weakness.


How do you feel about books? Burning them? Offereing an apology for doing something “inadvertent”? (If it ws truly an accident, then an apology should be easily given and expected.)

Thanks Mom for making your public writing start here with me! I am honored and excited!