Dilemma-How to Live Today

Posted on February 25, 2012


How do we stop creating waste? Trash?


I suppose the energy flow is causing me to think about this stuff. All week I have been reading about things that are going on with our food supply and interesting energetic things that affect our health in the foods that we consume. 

(I just saw a commercial for “less plastic” trash bags…better for the environment?)

In that thought comes the thought of pollution and how much a person creates…all by oneself…on a daily basis.

Thus the dilemma. What are we supposed to do to preserve our Earth in some fashion? I have to throw things away to live. Pay a company for water, lights, gas (heat), gasoline for earning money to pay for the place to live and survive.

Are we supposed to become people who live in caves off the land again. How is that possible?

And here is where the brain shuts down and the heart says “Just do what you can. Do what is possible. Live RIGHT NOW and know that what has not occurred yet is no more important than what has already happened. What is going on this moment is the only important thing.

Which brings us back to what we can do right now.

~Use products over, re-purpose them (like using a plastic jug to water your plants), compost our organic garbage, pick reusable containers when shopping, look for products that use less packaging. Recycle when we are able.

~Use less lighting, less water and gas. Turn out un-needed lights, do not let water run while brushing your teeth and carpool when you are able.


A shipping packge that turns intoa hanger. Made from recycled paper.


~Try not to buy prepackaged food and recycle the packaging you get.

~Eat left-overs and donate things you don’t wear, use or eat to local shelters and support organizations.

All images from google images today.


~Ask for better choices. Seek out food that is natural with less preservatives. An easy way to do this is to only buy things you can pronounce the ingredients list. Find out which supermarkets are committed to not reselling GMO (genetically modified foods) and go there to get your food supplies. Grow your own vegetables in the summer. Buy from local organic farmers.


~Excitingly and interesting as well, saying a prayer over your food IS not something you HAVE to do BECAUSE you will be PUNISHED if you don’t. ACTUALLY, the purpose of prayer over our food (as I have come to understand it) is to neutralize the challenging (negative) energies that may have been associated with the gathering and preparation of the meal. It occurs that to be the reason Hebrews “kosher” their food. To eliminate the energies which are not desired, such as fear, panic, despondence, hopelessness, rebellion, and more.

Because animals are Beings, they feel emotion. When they are “harvested” for Human consumption, they feel things that energetically (an electrical footprint) stay with the meat as it is processed. Plus the energy of being processed and the people who handle the meat before we buy it affect it. (This actually applies to everything we eat.)

Water Drop from polluted river in Japan-before a prayer was said with it.


From the work of Masaru Emoto we now have visible proof that our thoughts have energy and can affect molecules of water. Which means that when we send feelings of thankfulness, gratitude and awareness of our connection to the circle of life to our food and the Universe when we pray (even silently), we actually PHYSICALLY rearrange the molecules AND instill them with that energy, replacing the challenging (negative) energy that was there before.

Same water after a prayer of thanks and blessing for use was said with the water. Looks much more appealing just to our eyes I think.


End of report. No matter how silly it seems, take a moment, focus and say a prayer of thanks for your food before you eat it. Thanks for the plants and animals that were made and used to make the meal. Thanks to the Creator for the ability to nourish ourselves with Earth resources. To me it seems that this will help to neutralize the emotional energies that might be with our food when we consume it, unbeknownst to us. Use the most comfortable way to say thank you and MEAN it from your heart. The vibration of your energy will do the rest.

Even the simplest prayer of "Thank you for being support and nourishment for my body and soul." Is enough to change the basic structure of the food to make sure it does not work against your health and happiness.


I am sending all of you love, joy, passion and The Best in every moment. Stop and realize that today, right now, is The Best. And so it will be in the morrow. Enjoy each other and have a safe weekend. Be careful not to over indulge! Take a chance if you feel it in your gut and most of all, have fun!



Do you have any suggestions of things we can do to improve the waste we create by living life in today’s society? Let’s hear them!