Energy Flow Report Feb. 24-26, 2012 with Daily Power Colors

Posted on February 24, 2012


The Feb. 2012 full moon


Hooray for energy, motivation and a weekend to “git-r-done”!

Our work week ended with a couple of days of people stating their minds, sometimes not too tactfully. The good thing about this energy flow is it has allowed some old rifts in long-time relationships to be mended or let go and put to rest. This means we have opened up our lives for new fun and memories to take the place of this old thing we had been hanging onto, taking up space in our hearts.

Friday, Saturday and into Sunday morning February 24-26, 2012

We will be active. Expect the trend of clearing the air to continue. The great thing is that Saturday is  a very fortunate day. It is a day that all of the room we are making by getting to the bottom of things and putting them to rest will be used for help, guidance and assistance just where and when we need it most.

Saturday is the day to put your self out there. Ask for that loan, raise, opportunity to present your idea, etc. The “powers that be’ are in a benevolent mood ~so to speak~ and you cannot receive anything if you do not ask for it. Which is exactly the same result you get if you ask and are turned down. Then class, what do we do?

Everyone needs a hand now and then. Now is the time to ask for and to lend one!


Try. TRY. Again. And AGAIN!

A good feeling weekend well deserved from a stressful and event filled week. Enjoy time with friends and loved ones while making sure to take time to care for your body. Do something supportive of balance for your physical body such as eat some raw foods, vegetables, fruit, nuts, etc. Exercise. Even a quick walk around the block or a ten minute dance session to your favorite songs will get the energy moving all around.

Sunday starts with the same type of feel as Saturday, but will end with us yearning for comfort and security (home). 100% best days for making repairs as this energy has lasting power. If you want to change it and make it stick Sunday afternoon through Monday February 27th is the time to do it. We get an extra boost to our follow through ability. Make sure if you decide to make a life change of some type you want it to stay that way, because it will be difficult to undo later. This is also a great time for making repairs and mending things, including relationships and feelings.

Be sure to keep the pen and paper handy for writing down any dreams as we will continue to be in a high state of accurate intuition. We will feel like we are reading everyone’s minds (b/c we are) and that we can read what is happening before it happens. Don’t let it spook you; it is a natural energy wave. Enjoy it while it lasts.


Sunshine time! (Pookie and Cosmo)


Daily Personal Power Boosting Colors

Friday- Friday’s energy supports sharing in your relationships on every level. Friday’s colors are pinks, purples, oranges.

Saturday- Saturday’s energy supports structure and responsibility on all levels. Saturday’s colors are black, blue, brown, gray.

Sunday- Sunday’s energy supports creating and renewing your intentions. Sundays colors are orange, yellow, gold.

Monday- Monday’s energy supports dreams and memories. Monday’s colors are white, cream, silver and gray.

Tuesday- Tuesday’s energy supports actively pursuing your passions and desires. Tuesday’s colors are black, red, silver.


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