Super Bowl Village 2012: Opening Day

Posted on January 30, 2012




My husband and I joined several thousand Indiana natives for the opening night of the biggest football event of the year and in history for Indianapolis.

My husband got me a new Canon digital SLR Rebel EOS T-3 for Christmas. I took it and the zoom lens. but there is so much contained in such a small space I did not try any macros stuff. There was room to walk, but it was Friday night and the sun was shining, so there were lots of people there. Too many for lots of lens changes.

I will post a few of the pics I took and give commentary a few. Otherwise, you can see how Super Bowl Village 2012 looks from my lens.

That is Gregg in the right corner. Already waiting on me, not patiently to snap shots!The Hyatt Regency Where we entered Super Bowl Village


Georgia Street, Heart (and heat) of the Party.

Heat you can stand/sit around.

Heat from above.

Hot Zone (you stand under those for a few and you will be sweating, unless it's 8 degrees F.)

Building sized screens at both ends of the "party zone".

The Ice Gurus (more of them in another post)

The orange and yellow spots in the left center of the shot are lights that flash all over the buildings.

On top of the wall of ice cold beer.

Nice lounge area plus a large heated tent you sit in and drink as well.

Yes, we did have a icy beer from the ice wall! It was really neat, one of the  most intersting things to me.

The entire event is beyond what I expected as far as quality, security, staff to assist and clean up crews.

As my husband said so well, if you can’t find help or something to drink, then you must be lost. There were so many places to buy adult beverages that he hopes they have some cages like they use at the Indianapolis 500 because there is gonna be some drinkin’ goin’ on dopwn there next Sunday.

We got tickets to go the the NFL Experience this week, so we will be taking another trek down there.

During this visit we did go to “The Huddle” and also down to the circle to see the Indy cars and the giant roman numerals. Look for posts of those pictures next!

Also, who went to this one OR if you have been to another Super Bowl event, how does Indy look compared to what you have seen in the past? We are expecting 50 degree weather, so I think the Chamber of Commerce must have done some heavy praying for this week’s forcast!