Feeling Gloomy? Energy Flow Special Report 1-27-2012

Posted on January 27, 2012


January Sunshine in Indiana 1-7-2012

This will be a challenging and even gloomy day for most of us in some area of our life. Communication is likely to be stern and responsible, prepare for some deep conversations about accountability and expectations. We may be the ones receiving the critical instruction and we may find ourselves giving some out as well. It could be either, or, or both.

The other major factor today will be feelings of let down, sadness, depression or inadequacy. Things we regret may find their way to the surface of our thoughts and cause us to feel lousy.

I bet this picture makes you smile!

***It is very IMPORTANT to remember that this is a one day “low” feeling. By this time tomorrow, things will be more exciting, fun and active. DO NOT let this wave of regret sweep us off your feet and cause us to give up on something we have been working very hard. No matter how bleak the picture seems to our HEADS, it is NOT as it seems. Hang on and do something to distract yourself in needed. Book, cartoons, kids, pets, long walk, busy work, clean the bathroom with a toothbrush, whatever it takes to move through this day in to tomorrow.****

~~Here are (of course) all of the things I have to offer to help us get through this day feeling now so drug down.

1)      Orange it up. Anything and everything is orange. Eat orange, wear orange, look at orange pictures, even imagining yourself encased in orange glowing light will help to balance out some of this energy.

2)      Do the Hand over Your Heart exercise.     Place either hand over the center of your chest. You may sit or lie quietly and take in slow, deep breaths, feeling the energy move in and out of the center of your chest. You may even see or feel a color or aroma with it. Imagine love, joy, content, acceptance with each in breath. 2-3 minutes will do wonders for your stress level, there is science (mathematical) data to support the benefits. Enjoy!

3)      Get some sunshine on your skin if it is not cloudy where you are. Even through the window pane, it will help to improve and brighten our spirits.

4)      Think of the happiest moment of your life or things that ALWAYS make you smile. For instance, a picture of your pet being cute or kids/grandkids. Remember a long, lazy summer day off of school when worries were easy. Imagine yourself basking in the sun and being heated by its loving rays.

5)      Write down five things you are truly thankful for. If you have to, start with the fact that the Earth provides oxygen for us to breathe. Then go from there. Once written, re-read it and put it somewhere you can check it out when needed. You can also write down more than five if you find yourself on a roll. No need to stop!

6)      Read, write and say out loud your favorite inspirational quote or saying. You can also use one such as “I am thankful for the ability to be a person the Creator made. I am thankful that the Universe ebbs and flows and that the sad mood I feel today will be all gone tomorrow. I am thankful for feeling uplifted and happy, even on a down day.”

7)      Sleep, read a favorite book, write or watch a movie to redirect your attention away from the regretful thoughts of loss or “failure”.

8)      Remember above all, You are The Best YOU today! There is nothing from your past that is so awful or neglected that is keeps you from being your best right now. Let go of the attachment to that hurt and allow yourself to forgive yourself. Give yourself permission to be forgiven. By you and whomever else you may think needs to forgive you. See the heavy bag of guilt and shame dissipate into thin air as you let it go back into the Universal energy flow.

PCB sunset 2004 Orange and Sun...two for one!


The weekend Energy flow report will be posted later this afternoon. With it will be a weekend of activity, surprises, better moods (like 180 degrees different and happy) plus a tendency to overdo, overspend and over commit!

Sending everyone strength, understanding and compassion as we move through this rough wave!

This one always makes me laugh too! Gregg is silly!