Crazy New Year’s Superstitions and Traditions 2012

Posted on January 1, 2012



My only crazy new years superstition is no laundry. it is said that you will wash away a loved one if you do.
I see no reason to temp Lady Fate on the first day of the year!

Here are a few more from one of my best reference books:

~Many people of diferent cultures do not throw anything away one New year’s Day (and that would the day that the New Year is marked in each respective culture-as will all of these).

~The first person acrossthe threshhold of the main door should be a man, preferable with dark hair and money in his pocket. A blonde woan or redheaded person of any age are considered to be indicators of a challenging year ahead (bad luck). 

~Burning candles and fires all night is a tradition to honor the Sun and invite it to come back during this time of the seasons.

~Making a cabbage dish or bread with money baked inside is popular in order to bring abundance and cash flow into the new year.

~My mother-in-law used to put money under the door mat on New Year’s Eve, then carry it in the house before sunset on New Year’s Day.

What are some of your superstitions? and traditions? Specialty foods, places to go?