An Upcoming Newpaper Interview about The Amber Light!

Posted on November 30, 2011


I am getting excited about tomorrow! My home town newspaper (actually county wide) is coming to my house to do a feature interview with me!

They will be covering everything The Amber Light has to offer: the home fragrance oil warmers and oils, the Energy Grid (the easy way to feng-shui invention I created almost ten years ago now), The Best Thing-my awesome book on how to get the Best Life we have ever imagined and more, a variety of personal power boosting tools like gemstones, gemstone power bracelets, hair feathers (a great way to wear the power boosting color of the day) and more!

I am going to have the best of our warmers and plug-in type air fresheners on display along with the treasure chest of gemstones, the poster of the Energy Grid graphic that I use during the workshops and my children’s books as well. I am also going to print a copy of a Christmas story I wrote long ago to see if they might want to use it as filler. It’s called The Christmas Dinner and it is a great story, even if I say so myself.


Me and Mom, Nov. 2008


I will post it on this blog before Christmas. I am thinking of doing a book. If I can get Gregg to help me illustrate or if I can get the sketches finished myself.

I am also going to be sure she mentions the workshop that is coming up on December 29th. It is only $15 and it is at All My Relations Rock, Crystal and Bookstore located on the corner of Rockville and Girls School Rd. on Indy’s west side. (Mark your calendar now! It will be a powerful and supportive way to start into the New Year!) 

I will start working on my Thanksgiving week-end blogs now. I have three separate ones just going over Thursday (family dinners), Friday (picking out the Christmas tree and the Circle of Lights Tree Lighting) and Saturday (the first in-home Personal Power Party by The Amber Light). Plus, the physical affliction I have been battling for 11 days now. (It is finally on the mend, but I have had a very eye-opening experience at how fast something simple can become dangerous of even life threatening.)

Plus fun pictures of everything (except the party-didn’t take any there, but we had a good turn out)!

Enjoy the beautiful, bright sunshine today!

Oct. 2011 Amber and the Sun