Energy Flow Report November 21-24 2011 Monday-Thursday & Daily Power Colors

Posted on November 21, 2011



Our 2011 GHS display (lamps and fragrance night-lights)

It does not seem fair at all, the energy flowing the way it is this week. Delays, detours, blockages, complete changes in plans are all challenges for the entire week. This includes the weekend energy flow, which will post Wednesday. You would think with the family oriented aspect of this week we could get a harmonious flow, but not this year. (Christmas will be much better however!)

It was interesting to see how many people on my FB page talked about being tired, slow, laying around and not doing much yesterday. This week still feels tired and slow, as we are entering the lowest energy month of the year.

Monday will find most of us happy to be getting some time off to enjoy good food, family and friends this weekend. And wishing we could have carried over yesterday into today.

Tuesday November 22, 2011 gives support to business dealings of all sorts. Be sure to check everything three times if you find yourself in a position to sign anything. Otherwise, look for opportunity in maturing partnerships. We may have some romantic feelings for authority figures surface as well. Be sure not to act on anything right now, the clarity and ability to discern reality from fantasy energies are highly challenged right now. Being thrifty and crafty are supported ways to focus our energy. This is a good day to have deep and meaningful conversations with our romantic partners. These conversations can take our relationship to the next phase, most likely by pointing out areas we need to compromise or improve in order for it to be more open and fulfilling. Do not push for instant solutions, simply lay the ground work (or action plan) out as you would like to see it. Most things will take time to change.

And changing energy is what we have for Tuesday 11-22-2011, so buckle up. We may have traffic stoppages, but the other energies are going to have us holding on tight. The urge to say what we “think” needs to be heard will be in full force all week, and for the next month.

The old adage “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all!” is the mantra for this week. Make a pact before the day gets started that no matter how much your head or heart is urging you to speak up, hold your tongue. Wait at least 24 hours before saying what comes to your mind first. If it is important enough, we will go back to it the next day. If it truly does not need to be said, we will move on and save a whole lot of anguish, hurt feelings and apologies. 

I am glad I took a picture. All the blooms are gone now and I think I drowned the next set! :)(:

Wednesday 11-23-2011 holds the promise of new directions, opportunities and events out of the blue. Being unique and outstanding is the color of this day, so let your true self shine today. Try something new and adventurous (just be extra careful~accident prone energy). Take a few moments to stop and embrace the feeling of change. Focus in on the exhilaration and hope that comes from the promise of becoming something different. Give yourself permission to enjoy something that is nothing like your typical life at present. Give yourself permission to be okay with a life that in no way resembles this one. This is not demanding or committing that you HAVE to like changes, just that you have permission to like them, even enjoy them if you see fit, when it feels The Best. Many of us will get a glimpse of the reward or goal we have been working toward coming to fruition. This will move us into a different phase, but for now it is just a sneak peek at what our true efforts are going to reap. Physical improvements are supported. Now is a good time to start activities to improve our overall health and well being. We may find ourselves with the urge to be daring in our passionate encounters. For those who are in long time relationships, now is a good time to explore some new ways to be intimate. Otherwise, it is better to play it safe as clarity is not good, so new relationships maybe built on false personalities.


Whew, I am tired just re-reading this thing….and I am not to Thursday yet!!!

I will re-post this part of the report Wednesday evening as a reminder of the high challenge alert for Thursday.

Dexterity will demand great focus, so be careful. Accidents will be happening. Go easy on the chopping, scalding water, hot oven, while driving, on a ladder, you get the idea. This is the day to keep your mouth shut, no matter how much you want to shout out the truth. Some people truly cannot handle the Truth. This is not the day to push that issue. Whatever the dynamics of the family, there are areas that are touchy subjects. There are the people who tend to say blunt and even rude things. In the most dysfunctional cases, the entire family could throw down in a melee.

If you are reading this, you have the good fortune of being able to choose not to participate. When the fireworks start, instead of chiming in or being goaded into defending yourself, remain silent. Envision everyone and everything in the area immersed in pink light. Repeat the phrase, “I am not participating in this.” out loud when asked to uphold one side or another. Find a bell and ring it. This will stop the quarrel, at least for a few minutes. Make light of the situation by telling everyone that you are the ring master and round two starts in 90 seconds. If all else fails, get up and leave. Even if it makes someone upset at the moment, you are with in your rights to be comfortable to remove yourself if the vibrations are too intense or unhealthy. You do not HAVE to participate, even if it is family and even if that is the way “it always is.”

This is a day to disregard insensitive remarks from others and avoid heavy, volatile subjects. This day is good for surface subjects only. And thick skins.

This is also the lowest energy day of the month, which helps the intensity of this challenging day and will also lend itself to lack of energy to deal with such behavior.

If everyone will use the ten-count and hold onto words that can wait until later, the tradition of giving thanks for another year of survival inAmericawill be pleasant and enjoyable. Without a doubt, it will be memorable. Make it one we want to look back on often!

Enjoy your family, food and fellowship this holiday weekend. A reminder coming Wednesday plus a Thanksgiving blog and Small Business Saturday special this week too!

Remember to do some deep breathing and the hand over your heart exercise to keep calm.

You should sit quitely and take in 10-20 breaths, feeling the energy move in and out of the center of your chest. You may even see or feel a color or aroma with it. Imagine love, joy, content, acceptance with each in breath. 2-3 minutes will do wonders for your stress level, there is science (mathematical) data to support the benefits. Enjoy!

Daily Personal Power Boosting Colors

Monday- Monday’s energy supports dreams and memories. Monday’s colors are white, cream, silver and gray.

Tuesday- Tuesday’s energy supports actively pursuing your passions and desires. Tuesday’s colors are black, red, silver.

Wednesday- Wednesday’s energy supports communication and connection on all levels. Wednesday’ colors are brown, yellow, golden.

Thursday- Thursday energy supports expanding our vision and insight on all levels. Thursday’s colors are green, purple, turquois, burgandy.

Friday- Friday’s energy supports sharing in your relationships on every level. Friday’s colors are pinks, purples, oranges.

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