What a Difference Clean Can Mke

Posted on November 19, 2011


Spent the late morning through evening at Mom’s helpeing her clean her bedroom. The room is a nice sied room. She has had all of her Christmas decorations stored in there for ove rten years. All in plastic totoes, asll neatly stacked int a corner of her room.

Anything left alone long enough will accumulate dust and cobwebs. Let’s just say there was a wagon laod of dust alone trhow out of that room. We trashed seom stuff and put together 5 bags to take to Goodwill. The next thing is to wash everything down and scrub the floors.

Our pretty night lights

Then we will paint, move the bed and accessorize her room with all of her pretty things she has been collecting over the years. With the remodleing she is getting in her kitchen and bathroom ( thank you Best Thing), she will ahve a shiny new clean house for Christmas.

I told her today I was very happy to be watching her go through her stuff and deciding what to keep and toss. There were times over the past two years I was not sure she’d ever get to look at her “things” again. 

And no, stuff is not everything. But we are Human AND Being. Our Human Loves stuff! We like the touch feel and comfort of things that are tangible. There is no shame in that at all. Balance is what we are striving for, what we are trying to tune into. That means we get to have some stuff!

Even though Mom’s room is not completely clean, the diference that the work we did today makes is immense. I will be excited to see the changes that happen in her life over the next few months.