The Best Thing: Tune Into the Universal Life Path

Posted on November 18, 2011


What do you think of that (above) for a new title?

Here are my thoughts on The Best Thing and what it really means to us (based on a FB conversation from this morning):

Thinking is the key challenge….FEELING is where you want to decide from. Thinking is Human-physical-survival…..Feeling is Being, spiritual, infinite, in all realities. Nice, thank you for the think tank ladies! The Creator ROX the day! Go with your gut because the mind is limited. The heart is not.

The Christmas Catus on my bedside vanity. First bloom for this season. I over watered it (so easy to do). Hoping I did not ruin the rest of this year's blooms. It usually blooms at least 3-4 times evey winter.

The reason why people say “Well I can believe all I want that this thing will happen but it doesn’t/won’t.” is because they do not believe where it counts~through and through. From the soles of your feet to the soul of your spirit, deep down you “know” how something will turn out. When we “think and hope” it will happen one way, but then we feel our heart/gut going the other way, that feeling is the natural flow and the one we should focus on turning into the best experience for us.

We have the ability and sense to detect the vibration of the next moment and how it will turn out. Many of us are not yet comfortable in recognizing it.

Out of our need to physically survive, we instead use our “logical” (read physical) mind to decide. Ths challenge with that is, it is a computer programmed to ensure the physical body survives. That typically means we try nothing new. Make safe and tried choices.

The creation energy of evolution is the Universal Law that insists Human Beings evolve…become something different a.k.a. “new” due to the nature of the life energy~ Creator’s Essence ~that is a part of all Beings.

Engaging the part of us that is physical (read ego) we begin to balance the two main energies that make up our Human Being reality.

There are many ways to do this. The easiest and most effective tools to use can be found in the book I authored, The Best Thing. Now subtitled “Tune Into the Universal Life Path”. (Changed from “Placing Your Order with the Universe” deemed too vague by more successful authors than myself.)

Cover from "The Best Thing", first edition, cc2010

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