Halloween Fun 2011

Posted on October 31, 2011


Seems like a low Trick or Treat year.  Must be the Monday holiday. My brother in-law decks his whole house out in everything Halloween you can think of. A Blo-Mo in every conceiveable Halloween shape. He gives Snoopy a run for his money in over doing the holiday decor.


Scary Skeleton in a casket


But the kids love it so much it makes it fun and worth it. We played with the cats and tried to figure out what exactly each trickster was dressed up like. There were lots of costumes that made you wonder what they were. The one piece body suit was popular as well as zombies. The baby dressed as a loaf of Wonder Bread was cute and so was the home-made angel.

Last year I was at home on Halloween, finishing my book. Hard to believe it has already been a year since one of my “most elusive” dreams came true!

Amber out front of the best decorated house in Anderson.

Thanks to everyone, All Powers and the Creator for guiding me, helping me and assuring me that every day, every single day, The Best Thing is happening.