Weekend Energy Flow Update Oct. 28-30, 2011

Posted on October 28, 2011


End of Friday, Saturday through Sunday afternoon: 

We are having a really good feeling about life in general, even with all the upheaval around everyone. We are able to make major transformations with confidence and success. We are slipping into our new roles with the feeling that we are supposed to be right where we are, which gives us great motivation to continue our actions.

The Occupy America moment is a literal example of the energies that are working in our world and Universe right now. My sincere and pure prayer that all of those who are out there helping to make the voice of our population heard will be safe, warm and fed as the net few months go by. (See this blog for the short paragraph about the Transformative Energy in place right now.)

It does seem that blockages and being re-routed are common, so use caution and think about what an alternate to your typical route would be.

Next weekend we set up again! Gift and Hobby Show

An upbeat wave is present and the good luck continues through Saturday and into Sunday afternoon. Our energy will be best spent looking at what we have, both physical/tangible and emotional/spiritual and deciding what is worth having our energy invested in and what can be given to someone who can use it more. That includes beliefs, relationships, possessions and behavior patterns.

We will be feeling generous and like savoring every moment. Enjoying our physical world will be rewarding and satisfying.

Give Good Fortune an extra boost and plenty of room to move in by cleaning and/or moving some of your things. Get rid of stuff that you know you are no longer going to use. Someone else will want them and we will make room for the next Best thing to enter our reality.

If you are at a loss as to where to start cleaning and boosting, begin in the middle of your space. It holds the energy of our health and will help to start getting other areas moving as well as giving us energy to make great strides toward our life goals by the New Year.

Mending relationships that are important to us is favored, as is assessing where our root system is and how to make it more stable.

By Sunday afternoon we move into a more down to earth, thorough and responsible flow. This will be the feeling to start next week as well. Business meeting and contacts are favor as we will get a few days of clam after this high energy, high challenge, high reward week!

Enjoy your weekend and remember to be extra careful. Look and think at least twice!

The Best Everyone!!! AmberLena

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