A Passionate Friday Energy Flow Report 10-28-2011

Posted on October 28, 2011


Friday is another action packed day, as if we have not had enough already.


Amber's pumpkin creation 2011

The two biggest challenging factors to watch are extreme accident proneness and being a hot head. Such as saying things before thinking, in a very animated and even argumentative way.

Total Transformation Energy

We will also find some part of our lives in the midst of major change. There is and has been an energy of complete and utter rebuilding. Depending on your unique angle to the Universe, this transformation will happen in one of the major areas of life: Family Changes, Career Change, Financial Change, Lifestyle Change, Life Path Change to name the major categories. It may have already started happening to many people by now, as we are almost three years in to the sixteen-18 year period of restructure and rebuild on every level of the planet. This is an energy of change that cannot be stopped, but rather can be use to move to more balance Human Beings.

Friday October 28, 2011 

The other very supportive energies surrounding Friday have to so with the desire and ability to make major shifts in areas of life we have focused on for sometime now. The passion and physical attraction to others continues to be on high. Use this time to deepen the romantic relationship you have with your partner. Talk about subjects that are typically not approached for whatever reason.  

A good time to make our position in any group clear and test the relationships to ensure they are solid. With the intensity level so high it is a good idea to use the ten count and breathe in through nose; out through mouth s you count. So it as many times as it takes to calm. Envisioning every thing/one encased in pink glowing light will also help to calm the overall energy.

Some very fortunate things can happen as well. Be on the look out for an unforeseen opportunity coming from something you may have started six to seven years ago.

New ideas about philosophy, religion, politics, behaviors etc. will have some of us thinking and acting in a completely “new” and different way. (See total transformation energy wave above.)


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I want to get this posted ASAP, so the rest of the weekend will follow afternoon today! Have a great day, breathe, walk away, enjoy some passion and deep conversations! Remember, nothing, nothing lasts forever.