A Flower Fairy Tale

Posted on October 27, 2011


Just the other day I was outside. It was a beautiful fall day, sun shining, breeze blowing, leaves rustling. I was busily daydreaming about being out in the woods full of autumn life when a lovely fairy caught my attention.

I was so happy to see him; he was very shiny and joyful. He seemed very excited to see me. He told me he had a special gift for me.

A surprise for me!

Oh how I love surprises! I am not one of those that shy away, unsure of the unknown. I am a bring it on and give me more to boot kinda gal.

I was really excited when I saw the brown paper sack with my name written in bold, black capital letters on the side. My heart began to race as I anticipated opening the crinkly bag. As I peered inside, it seemed like the sun illuminated the contents.


Before my eyes was a treasure of bulbs. A special selection just for me of carefully and lovingly dug flower bulbs. My heart began to sing and a big smile came across my face as I looked at the beauty of potential I held in my hands.

The bulbs had very apparently been dug from their dwelling place and handled with extreme care and reverence.

Holding hundreds of years of history and becoming in a flower bulb

As I looked into his beautiful dancing eyes, I could feel the pleasure his generosity was bringing both of us. I smiled, so big and laughed a true, soulful laugh. “Tell me, all about them!” I asked with yearning. I could feel how magical they must be by the tingling and tickling I felt all over.

Lucky Amber

“These flowers are spring’s beauty and glow with the color of the sun. Their fragrance is as intoxicating as the flower is lovely. When you look upon the fresh blooms, you will see many wonders. Memories of our ancestors are held with each blossom: The care that was taken when its parent was harvested from the old country and carefully wrapped in burlap to travel to an uncharted new world. The joy and delight the offspring of those parent bulbs have brought to generations of people. The mystery and magic of the animal and other folk who have lived in and around these plants for hundreds of years.”

I could literally see the field blanketed in these sunny yellow flowers, heads nodding a top green stems, singing nature’s welcome to another season of growth.

I picked a spot where they can be seen every day from in the house or the street.

“I am honored to have been chosen to receive such a gift.” I whispered, feeling a load of responsibility to be sure they got planted properly and grew in my garden.

“Be sure you get them planted. These flowers will bring you happiness, joy, love and remembrance of those with whom you have shared the true meaning of life. The ones who know and love you in every stage of life. The ones who, no matter how long it may be in between times you are together, always make you feel right at home and as if no time has ever passed. This will give you the gift of eternal love, as it affirms that we are all connected, all the time.”

And with those words, he had to go. I was lucky enough to get to hug him, tight! I thanked him profusely for choosing me and promised to cherish the sunny spring flowers as they deserved to be cherished.

Ready for a winter blanket!

And I planted them on the first day of good planting after I got them. In case he is watching, they are all safe and sound.

Now the hard part…waiting for Spring. I never want to wish my life away, but I can’t wait to see my magic flowers bloom!

Thanks Flower Fairy! I will do a follow-up as soon as they start to come up. Should be March-April!