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Star Wars meets Toy Story (via HeatherBlog)

June 16, 2011


I know, I know, you are all wondering why the BLEEP I am not writing my own stuff but re-posting others? Well, mostly I have been too busy to get enought time to write something in full, I have several started (of course). I read the home page everyday and try to comment on at […]

How to get kids (and other picky eaters) to eat their veggies. (via greengeekgirl)

June 15, 2011


Have not even finished reading this post or commented and I HAD to re-post…Anna this is for you, Tanner and Emme. You guys can even do this!!!! Enjoy all you “need to eat more veggies” people and veggie lovers alaike. Some great ideas of garnishes and preps that will make any vegetable yummy! It's a […]

Energy Flow Report June 12-15, 2011 & Daily Power Colors

June 12, 2011


Thsi week starts out with a delve right in and get it done feeling. ALso generous, upbeat anf full of fun!

Is Yoga “evil”? or What is Universal Energy?

June 11, 2011


Are you wondering if yoga, meditiation and other forms of self-improvement could be "the devil in disguise'? This blog explains why that every method of self improvement is good, helpful and was made by the one and only Creator of the Universe for humans to use to assist us to be our Best during in every life.

Realization #26: I Have It Pretty Damn Good!

June 10, 2011


Realization #26: I Have It Pretty Damn Good!. This a guest blog from ThingsYouRealizeAfterYouGetMarried. This blog is really great b/c it highlights the fact that if we focus on the good parts of our lives, we will feel better and attract more good. All of her posts are fun to read, especailly for those of […]

Energy Flow Report Wed-Saturday June 8-11, 2011 with Daily Power Colors

June 8, 2011


See what's up for the next few days including what to expect from the first part of our weekend. Romance is shifting gears and so will our urge to spend. And the daily power colors too! Sharing and comments are welcomed and appreciated!

You Never Know Where Ingenuity Will Show Up

June 7, 2011


I was driving home from my Mom’s in Plainfield, IN last Saturday and pulled up behind this guy. Apparently replacing the bulb and housing for the license plate light was more expensive than the Black & Decker flashlight and duct tape. I just wonder how ofter s/he forgets to turn it on at night. I […]

Energy Flow Report Monday and Tuesday June 6-7, 2011 & Daily Power Colors

June 6, 2011


Good Monday to everyone! An intense and upbeat start to the work week for most of us. Our lucky streak continues and so does the chance for conflicts. Find out more here and share it with some friends too!

True Romantic Partner Love Is

June 6, 2011


Looking for a simple to understand explanation of waht it means to have a "romantic partner" in your life? Check this out and get ideas to help boost your love life's energy today.

Weekend Energy Flow Report June 3-5, 2011 & Daily Power Colors

June 3, 2011


Home, family, emotions, just what weekends are made of! Find out what to expect from your grad party, wedding or reunion here. Moods, luck, romance and even colors to wear to support The Best time.