Delwey Family Trip June 2011

Posted on June 30, 2011


Saturday June 25, 2011

A challenging day for my family as this was the date we got the call that we needed to get back to the hospital for Gregg’s mom the night before she passed away and the time when his dad was in the hospital for the last time.

Brick in the fence at The Apple House Restaurant in Aurora, IN.

This year, we went on an impromptu (scheduled the Sunday prior) road trip down to the place where Gregg and Chris’ Dad was born.Aurora,Indiana is a little town just a few minutes west of the Ohio boarder that sits right on the Ohio River. It is a pretty and small town. They have had several severe floods over the years, with 1997 being one of the two worst.

Amber and Jessica (daughter)

After Gregg’s mom Judy passed away, we went down with Dad the next June to see this place and hear his stories.

The Brothers: Gregg (L) Chris (R) a.k.a "Harry"


Jessica and Fran (Harry's Fiancee & best thing that ever happened to him!)

 It was a glorious day much like this day and we had a wonderful time, although we all missed Mom/Grandma very much.

An awesome water feature!!

As I said the day was absolutely b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l!!!!

Once we got off the interstate, it is a winding two lane country highway for almost an hour.

Nice yard...need a goat or horse!

The countryside is lush and green from all of the rain and everything looked at the peak of growth for the year.

I got some great shots of the essence of the mid-West, at least to me. Lovely rolling yards, nicely groomed, looking cool and shady.

A John Deere, an American flag and a horse. Ain't that America?

We had a slow down for a farm implement and a wild guy that passed everyone no matter if he could see over the hill or around the bend or not. He was scary. I could not get his picture as he got by us too fast.

Going slow for the farmer.


An old sprayer, an old farm. He made it home.

Gregg had fun with his brother (Chris) in the front while us girls (me, Fran and Jessica) held on in back going down and back up the hilly, curvy road that descends into Aurora. He only got out of control once, and then he settled down! LOL!

There it is! Let the party begin!

We decided to go to our traditional fireworks place. The year we came down with Dad, he bought one of everything it seemed! We had so many fireworks we had to save some for the next year. We scaled back after that! :0)

Jessica in aisle #1-fountains and aerials for at least 100 yards!

Party at Trav’s has everything you could ever want in fireworks AND more.

Guess the sky likes to get some ink now and then too.

 Second only to the gi-normous fireworks selection is the number of large and gigantic Halloween decorations he has available. I’m talking a twelve foot tall ghoul and a 12 ft. tall scary pumpkin guy!

Scary Pumpkin Guy

Come to think of it, everything at Party at Trav’s is overly large including the ceiling fan!

The thing could fly an airplane I think!

After checking his prices we went across the highway to compare at two other fireworks shops. We of course returned to Trav’s and purchased the Delwey Fourth of July celebration must haves. Hands down the best selection and prices overall of any fireworks place out there. (you just have to have a good reason to drive down there!)

Look at all the Halloween stuff hanging around!

Several aerial loads, about 8 fountains and a new floating lantern that we can hardly wait to see. You light it and then it fills up with hot air and floats away into the night sky glowing. It biodegrades (all paper) and was about $3.50 each. I think they would be awesome at a night wedding! Trav himself helped me pick those out and gave us lots of tips on how to get the most out of the money we spent to burn up! :o)

The loot.


Trav said this is his best selling fountain for several years running. Unicorn of course!

After that we ate at our traditional restaurant right on the Ohio River inAurora.

Applewood Restaurant


I spy ma Famiglia! (my family) :)

We passed by the house I think that Dad was born in, if I got it right when he pointed it out that time.

I think this is the one, but I can not be sure. He said he was on the top floor.

We drove down to the park where we used to stop and listen to his stories of growing up a small boy on this river, fishing, swimming, hunting, sledding and getting into all types of mischief.

Gregg, Amber, Jessica, Chris, Fran 6-25-2011


River walk and park

Then we drove back through town to see what type on little shops had sprung up since we had visited last. They have done a lot of rebuilding since we were last down six or seven years ago. The place looks more active for sure. (they have a gem and crystal shop!)

Downtown Aurora

It was a really fun trip with everyone relaxed and enjoying just being together. No hurry and no misunderstandings, it was a day we will all remember for many years!

I could not have framed that better! If I was trying it would not have been as good!