Preparation meets Perseverance to Create Success!

Posted on June 24, 2011


The second Energy Grid-Power for Your Life workshop was a super success! More than I had ever imagined!!!!

Worksheets for Class


Here I am just before I left to drive up to the store.


Nervous, excited and Ready!

I was actually early and prepared. The only item I forgot was the large poster of the Energy Grid key. And lucky for me my wonderful helper (husband) remembered to bring it even without the text I was supposed to send!

Big poster (thanks Gregg) and flip chart


Here are some pictures of the room as Gregg and I were arranging and re-arranging it!

We moved the tables several ways.


Amber and the Lucky Pointer

We got SKU tags to put on the Energy Grid kits!! Their very first retail product number! Could somebody pinch me because I know that this WAS for sure in my dreams!!!


My helper (Gregg) putting the first SKU tags on the Energy Grid Kits!

I did not bring in my 1972 model easel to put my flip paper pad on. It has a chalk board as well as being an easel and is really heavy so I decided not to carry it in…that was a mistake and will not be repeated. My knee was swollen and thighs were sore the next day from doing so many deep knee bends to write in the bottom of the pad. More important, the guy in the back of the class had to stand up to see what I was writing. (rookie mistake)


Note how low the paper is...silly girl!

The class went very well. I had written an agenda so I would stay on point and not forget to mention the most important items.

There were six students, five ladies and one gentleman. Everyone was very attentive and took lots of notes. I gave them a worksheet with information, plus a place to fill in all of the info about the Grid and take notes.

I gave them certain info that was not printed in the worksheet. That is the bonus for coming to class.

Trying to figure out where to stage my stuff.


The first time I checked the time I had been working for 50 minutes. That was good, because we had covered most of the main information plus had questions as well. I think the class could have gone for two hours total, but we had to stop questions at 7:00. 

One person bought my book, yay! I have a consultation scheduled for Tuesday June 28th and one of the attendees has contacted me by e-mail for advice!

All of them commented on how thorough the class was and one girl even said it was the most organized class she had taken at this bookstore. That made tear all up and blush. I was just being Amber, nothing special, you know. And somehow, that blew them all away. Never ceases to awe and humble me. That people want to learn what I have to teach and are always more than satisfied with what they receive. That I have been gifted so is beyond my ability to express thanks.

My first workshop paycheck!!!! WhooHOOO!!!!


I even got paid at the end of the night. Also, The Amber Light is set up with New Age People to book in home consultations for the Energy Grid andEasy Wayto Feng-Shui. A new partnership and opportunity for growth has emerged in just 48 hours of this one workshop. The Universe is so fantastic!!! Thank You Creator for blessings galore!!!


The newest logo in The Amber Light collection courtesy of Jessica


Amber Delwey, Inventor, Author and Cert. Personal Power Coach

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