Energy Flow Report June 23-27, 2011 with Daily Power Colors

Posted on June 23, 2011


If it feels like we are goin’ off the rails on a “Changing Train”, the Energy Flow has LOTS of support for those types of situations to happen. This is a deep and long lasting wave that will affect different people at different times depending on how we are made up. Regardless of how the change may seem at first, keeping the feeling of The Best Thing in our hearts as we learn to live in these new circumstances will help to ensure we will get the support we need exactly when we need it.

Relax this weekend for a few, Pookie insists!

Conflicts will arise for some, regardless which side –if you find yourself in the midst of one, stop and remove yourself. There will be not satisfactory end to any conflict now and the longer & more intense they are the more chance for things that cannot be reversed to happen…save the energy and move along. Use this trick to take your mind off of it if you need to: Repetitive thought circuit breaker. (click on the Energy Management Tip tab) 

Clarity is not supported at all but dreams, artwork, performances, music and writing are. Whether you create something or enjoy the creations of someone else, we will all benefit from taking in the fresh newness of the creations of ourselves and others


Home and family are this month’s focused energies. Expect challenges and support to be coming from those areas. Family gatherings planned or not can be expected. A good time to work on the relationship of each family unit as individuals and as a group.

Thursday, Friday through Saturday afternoon, June 23-25, 2011

We may be feeling sluggish and restless (oxymoron right?!). Make time for some type of exercise, even if it is a long, slow walk around the block. We can get a bit of work done, especially in the revision, revamping area of projects. Cleaning out areas to make room for new fresh stuff is also supported, whether those are material/physical things in our lives or energetic such as habits, relationships, moods, beliefs, emotions, etc.

Epiphanies abound, with many of us realizing that something we once thought to be true or even non-understandable had become crystal clear as if the answer was there all the time and we were overlooking it. Enjoy the thrill of being newly aware and thus empowered with new support and tools.

This will also be a period of great fortune and blessing for some of us. If that is you, trust your gut and bask in the glow of the moment! You have earned it along the way!

A little blurry Amber before the workshop last night (6-22-2011)

Saturday evening, Sunday and Monday June 25-27, 2011 

Ahh the lazy days of summer. That is how we will be feeling mostly. Staying in, being comfy and with those dearest to us will feel the best.

Some people may be prone to be overly blunt right now, so if you are one who has that feeling, try to give your self at least 15 seconds to be sure it feels right and not hurtful.

The energy is supportive of being creative, unique, innovative, fresh, deviating from the norm and being courageous enough to try new ideas and experiences. Enjoy this while stretching your self to learn something new, perhaps even technical/detailed.

Responsibility has been shirked by most of us at some point in life, don’t make now one of those times. And if you get reminded of a time when you did not live up to your responsibilities in life, take it in stride. We (most) have been there and it happens to help steer us toward our best life. Guide posts to ensure we stay in the best flow for us. Remember, accept the pang of disappointment/guilt that come with the memory and let it go.

Do not waste the energy of Now on the regrets of Then, that time no longer exists anyway, because it has become Now!

The newest logo in The Amber Light collection courtesy of Jessica

Daily Personal Power Colors

Thursday- Thursday energy supports expanding our vision and insight on all levels. Thursday’s colors are green, purple, turquois, burgandy.

Friday- Friday’s energy supports sharing in your relationships on every level. Friday’s colors are pinks, purples, oranges.

Saturday- Saturday’s energy supports structure and responsibility on all levels. Saturday’s colors are black, blue, brown, gray.

Sunday- Sunday’s energy supports creating and renewing your intentions. Sundays colors are orange, yellow, gold.

Monday- Monday’s energy supports dreams and memories. Monday’s colors are white, cream, silver and gray.



Amber Delwey, Inventor, Author and Cert. Personal Power Coach

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