Preparing for the Workshop 6-22-2011

Posted on June 22, 2011


Okay, I am getting myself and stuff ready for the second Energy Grid-Power for Your Life beginner’s workshop.

My List…yes I know it is sideways and the date is wrong…the date has been corrected for future pics!

I have my list of stuff not to forget to take with me or do.

Lucky Pointer closed

I have the lucky pointer Mom gave me last year when I did my presentation at

The Christmas Gift and Hobby Show.

Lucky Pointer open :0)

The rings are amber, moonstone, jade and fire agate.

Right hand rings

The amber ring is from Avon jewelry about 25-30 years ago. (on my middle finger)

Next is the moonstone which was the first ring my husband (then boyfriend) ever bought me. That was before I started learning about the fantastic uses and support gemstones provide.

On my pinky is the jade ring Mom gave me years ago and the fire agate came from the bookstore where the workshop will be held tonight. I got it in March and it is a tad too big, so I have to wear a tighter ring to keep from losing it. I love it!

Citrien Necklace


My necklaces also chosen for the support they will give. I have on a citrine necklace that Gregg gave me for Christmas once. Citrine is good for concentration and memory retention.

The other is a charm necklace I made up of a few of my most dear pieces.

Charm Necklace

The center is a Tibetan coin I got from QVC around five years ago or so. The diamond solitaire belonged to Gregg’s mother and the other gold and diamond pendant was given to my by a very close friend and mentor.

The right arm bracelets

The bracelets on my right arm are a group of various gemstones which include carnelian (orange), labradorite (gray), citrine (yellow), picture jasper (tan & brown), clear and ruilated quartz (that means it has gold fibers running through it).

In order of the above their properties/vibrations provide the following support: Motivation & energy, enhanced intuition, concentration/clarity, grounding/purpose, and last is to enhance the other stones/uplift/keep information straight and clear.


My earrings are gold & diamond hoops that used to be Gregg’s Mom’s and rubies that were a birthday gift. (They support courage and persistence.)

Waiting to be finished-worksheets

The worksheets waiting on me to get the covers printed and stapled.


Making sure I stay on point!

The outline for tonight.

I just got some pens and markers for the drawing board. And to my horror as I am writing this, I am realizing that I left a very important thing at home. The large display that has the Energy Grid lay out printed on it. Here’s hoping that Husband will be able to rescue me. Otherwise, we’ll just draw one with markers on the big paper I DO have with me! :o)

More to come….tomorrow, the results! Have a great day everyone!

Left arm bracelets and wedding rings


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