Meet Me at The Brick Yard

Posted on May 10, 2011


If you want to see and experience one of The Best kept secret dining places in Indianapolis, take a ride out to 16th Street. On the west side to the Brick Yard Golf Course and Restaurant.

The golf course sits next to and goes inside of the famed oval of The Indianapolis Motor Speedway. But as you pull into the parking lot, you would never know it was there. The buildings are situated so that you do not get the full effect of the breath taking view until you go out onto the course OR see if from the dining room. 

You walk across a mini “yard of bricks” as you go into the building which has the restaurant, meeting rooms, a pro-shop and The Flag Room bar (open on special days only).


I had been a regular diner for over two years when the restaurant closed for remodeling for over three months (maybe more). It had switched management just before the May race last year. The dining experience at that time left lots to be desired, so I waited with anxious hope that things would be different when they reopened.



And I was not disappointed AT ALL!!!!!

From the new carpet to adding a bar in the dining area, the old place is fresh inside, but still comfortable and more like a winner than ever.

There were two questions I really wanted answered.

Racy New Carpet~Entryway at The Brickyard Crossing

First: Did they leave the view? I rounded the corner on the carpet actually gives the optical illusion that you are moving fast, like in a car on the street. It is very neat. My friend said he thought you’d better not have one too many and try to walk out too fast, you might fall down! LOL!


And there it was. The big windows, untouched, the view the same as the last time I walked down the long corridor, except with new carpet, updated furniture and fresh paint.


The view from the restaurant windows

My heart soared. Now, what about the food. Had it improved? And would the price be so high that you could not afford to eat there regularly?

cranberry chicken salad

Much to my surprise (but living up to my secret hopes) the menu had been revamped with lots of interesting choices. And the prices are comparable to other restaurants you might go to for lunch (only none of them have the most famous track in motorsports as part of the view).

So far I have been to lunch there four times since it opened a little over a week ago and am scheduled to go tomorrow!

spinach artichoke dip w-flat bread brickyard

The food is fresh, tasty and lovely to look at as well. The wait staff is very accommodating. If they have a large lunch crowd you may have to wait on the food just a bit, but no longer than an Applebee’s or Grindstone. And these are all one of a kind dishes you can only get at the Brickyard Crossing Restaurant.

Soup and Sandwich lunch


Soup and Salad lunch


And Bonus…..they have a Business at The Brickyard After Hours  special on week nights that I will tell you about in another blog about the Brickyard. Expect several of these, it is May in Indy. The Track will be a main focal point for our family all month. We are even going to the race this year!
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