The Top Three Reasons Billions Watched the Royal Wedding (instead of being mad about it).

Posted on April 29, 2011


Number Three: Who wants to sit and watch such an extravagant spectacle in these tough economic times? Over two billion people world wide. Those are simply idiots with no life or hope of ever having any. Thing about that is no matter what your initial perception of these Human Beings, they were all stopped, taking a break from every worried thought, every judgmental feeling, every self-sabotaging idea, focusing instead upon a feeling of celebration, of hope, of the energy of creation. The health benefits for those who let go of everything and chose to be enchanted by this timeless moment are the same as spending time in meditation or stretching. In our world of endless stimulation, for so many to stop and pause to reflect on one moment is monumental. The happy memories created on this day will last generations. (check out my blog Scones and Tea with Mummy to read about my memory)

Number Two: The amount of money wasted on such a needless ceremony could have been used to help the poor and needy like so many of us are right now. At first blush, it can be viewed in such a cynical, narrow way. However upon closer look

we find that the amount of money spent and the numbers of people who were paid to help bring the whole thing off are a great boon toLondon,England and Great Brittan. It is a show case for the country and a lovely invite to the rest of the world to come visit, stay and leave some commerce behind. The economic boost will be felt long after this day is a sweet memory.

Number One: You could be doing something worth while instead.

Most people reading this have been to some type of concert in their life. Most of you recognize that tingly, lighter than air feeling you get when the entire audience is in their essence, through and through, ‘playing’ along with them. In that moment all the spiritual energy is One, in harmony making the most beautiful sound and feeling you have ever known. And in that moment of collective energy focus, our lives are forever changed as we realize that there are indeed two parts of our Human Being, and that they can “live in Harmony”.

It is kindred to the feeling that Christmas Day when so many people set aside their issues and challenges and focus simply on the uplifting power and feeling that only pure love can bring.

That happened today, on this weary Earth, an Earth that has been destroyed naturally and poisoned by Human Beings who had forgotten what it felt like to hope and dream beyond all odds. Human Beings who do not quit yet understand how to use this new found knowledge of the past century (as the Bishop so eloquently put it-Bravo!). People, real living, breathing people who are ready to learn and understand how to live TOGETHER as the One Harmonious unit to support and attain The Best Thing for All that. A reality so wondrous, our Human mind cannot stretch to imagine its glory.

Billions…yes billions of people stopped at the same moment on Earth were immersed in a union of hope and creation of new life and evolving time. The vibration was even shared from outer space, as well as broadcast throughout the Universe. A seemingly tiny plea to the Universe, the Creator that:

“Hey! Look!! How much we LIKE this…We Need More of this!!!”

As all the current teachers of success in every area are telling us, what we think and how we feel determines the outcome of our lives, our reality and that of those around us. What you “want or need” (using their terms) will come to you if you focus and concentrate on it.

If we follow the logical path this action takes, we can expect something warm and fuzzy in return, because we stopped and GAVE only that vibration off.

Keeping that in mind, when we stop for a moment of silence, or participate in a world wide day of prayer, energy healing, thankfulness or celebration, the more truly is the merrier. And even if you do not remember to participate in your time zone, somewhere in the world you are joins the spirits of others to send a clear message to the Universe of what energies we need to thrive.

This event was exponentially more powerful, because all of the focus was concentrated at the same moment in the time continuum.

Here’s The Very Best to Wills and Kate. And They Live Happily Ever After.



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