Some days Procrastination Pays, Sometimes it Charges a Hefty Fee!

Posted on April 27, 2011

Amber at work 4-1-2011...laughing at me taking my own pictures and how goofy some look!

Some days procrastination pays, sometimes it charges a hefty fee!

I cannot count the times that I have procrastinated and saved myself SO MUCH work becuase I did not have to re-do something that could have already been done. Today was not one of those dayz!!!

Today I am paying…35 minutes late leaving for lunch. Lucky for me my lunch partner is at a stage in life that time no longer has a choke collar on him. So he waited while I had to ask, ask and re-ask for information that should have already been available and complete.

I am a horrible waiter.

And that is why I procrastinate. Because if you wait until the last minute, 90% of the time everything you need will have fallen into place and any issue will have had time to move through and resolve BEFORE you have to do extra work. Today that little trick back fired in a challenging way for me. I was literally, yes folks, in tears with aggravation! Seriously, I thought I was gonna have a heart attack b/c my blood pressure was so high. I know it had to be, my heart was beating fast and hard and my head began to hurt something awful.

Now if I had started this task one hour earlier I would have most likely encountered the same challenges…however…I would have had an extra HOUR in which to field and resolve them.

Instead my 12:00 lunch time turned into 12:40!!!

As I said, my friend has reached an age where time is no longer a “hound of hell”, nipping at his heels to “get things done”. He has come to realize that “to everything turn, turn, turn,” are not just lyrics in a song, but a Universal understanding that The Best Thing is ALWAYS happening.

Why being accused of ‘yelling’ at someone (when I never raised my voice or cursed-at all) and having to wait almost twenty minute for information that should either have been available in the computer or quickly given to the person who is trying to use it is The Best Thing for me today I may never know, but I have to feel deep down that my base understanding of life and energy is true…..everything, Every Thing, EVERYTHING, happens in a flow that is for The Best for the Human, the Being, the Earth, the Solar System, the Galaxy, the Universe.

I made my self STOP being so RESISTANT to the moment that was OCCURING, took some deep breaths and realized…I would get to lunch. I could eat at my leisure now. No one is sick, dying or suffering needlessly in my immediate circle. I was making myself feel horrible, and no one else was feeling it. I was very ugly acting and not giving off the energy I wanted to get back.

I relaxed, let the irritation I felt toward the person who was being a hurdle go, releasing it so I could make room for The Best feeling to move in. I finished my paperwork, gathered my things and had a nice lunch.

***Procrastination note: If I had started that job one hour earlier, I would not have had to go through all of that Human reaction to the energy flow. I would have had CUSHION time, and would not have reacted with a constricted chest, throbbing ears and curt speech (not yelling though! LOL).

End note, alas I am HUMAN and BEING…today the Human got the Best of the Being!!!

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Amber Delwey  A. L. Powers