An Easter Miracle…My Daughter Eats Asparagus!

Posted on April 26, 2011



In a blended family, traditions are added to and taken from to find the balance that incorporates where you’ve all come from and the new family unit everyone becomes along the way.

Foods, décor, gatherings, rituals, how we dress and endless other things go into making a holiday “A Holiday”.

We still color Easter eggs, eat ham and deviled eggs. And I still cook asparagus.

Now, there were some Easters’ in the early years of my marriage that I did not always serve asparagus on Easter because no one in this blended family liked it except me. 

*They are not a very vegetable oriented bunch, so you get green beans, corn, potatoes, lettuce, maybe a tomato if you are lucky and baked beans. That’s it. Forget broccoli, cabbage, squash, pepper, onion and any other yummy veggie you can think of not listed above.

But for me asparagus is a MUST dish for Easter. Our spring tonic. Cleansing the kidneys and bladder, it is very healthy for our Human body. I grew up with a bowl full of it on the Easter dinner table. Steamed to the perfect tenderness with a couple of pats of real butter. Then salted to taste on your plate. What a treat!!! There was never enough to go around; it was ALWAYS one of the dishes with no leftovers.

After about years of melding as a family, I had learned that some things I had “let go” of at first I was really missing. Asparagus for Easter was one of those top things I decided I was putting in our traditional meal plan. Of course the first year or two, I met up with the “Eww, it stinks! How can you eat it?!” and “That looks yucky!” “Gross! No way am I eating that.” type comments. 

Every year since I have been cooking it and serving it. And every year I looked forward to eating the entire bowl of the first taste of spring myself. Once in a while, Gregg’s brother would eat a spoonful, but my kids and husband were hard core “no wayers”. Which was really okay for me, because that meant that I got ALL of the tender, delicious, succulent spring asparagus to myself. I could eat the whole bunch myself if left to my own devices, and I did many times!

In keeping with the blending of tastes, I began seasoning my steamed asparagus with extra virgin olive oil, some aged garlic bits and Italian seasoning. I love Italian flavors, but was raised on southern flavored cooking. When I married someone who was almost 50% Italian, I learned very quickly to use the lighter and more flavorful choices that Italian cuisine had to offer.

 Last Sunday, Easter, as with all years, my husband and I made the traditional Delwey Easter dinner: Ham baked with pineapple and honey, deviled eggs, macaroni & cheese (our daughter made), baked beans (our son made), peanut butter pie AND now of course, asparagus.

As dinner comes together and it is time to sit down and eat, the green grass of spring was the last thing I took off the stove. My son-in-law (to be) asked what was steaming, I said asparagus, and lo and behold I hear a “Mmmmm. That sounds good.” from him. Not quite so strange coming from him, but then I here my beautiful daughter speak up and say how she has been eating asparagus this year and really likes it, steamed on the grill. There is hesitation because maybe it is not seasoned the same, so it would not be as good.

I assure her that tossed in EVOO with some tasty garlic would probably be something she’d like, if she likes it off the grill.

“Not crunchy though!” she giggled.

We sat down, said our prayer of thanks and began to eat.

“Mmmm. This IS good!” I hear from her and her fiancé.

There was talk of the olive oil flavor and how they might try that next time the grill theirs. Talk of how it was just the perfect tenderness, not crunchy not mushy. And there was the empty dish that I now get to share with my family.

As almost twenty years have passed, the melding, blending and changing, the growing, learning and maturing gave us an Easter miracle. And hope. If at almost thirty years old my daughter can learn to eat and like new (weird) vegetables, that is proof that miracles happen all the time. All we have to do is persevere, keep the faith and accept others for who they are. Which gives us hope, everyday hope, that our world will adjust, adapt and change for the best, despite the rough patches and times we have to eat the whole bowl of asparagus ourselves.

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Amber Delwey  A. L. Powers