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Posted on February 28, 2011



Trevor Bayne 2010

            I admit, I am an Indiana girl at heart and I love cars and racing. Even though cars are bad for the environment (I’ll miss them when they are gone), I still love to drive them, ride in them, smell them and watch them go fast. So I was enjoying all of the race coverage during Daytona Speed Weeks. As I watched, I kept hearing this name, Trevor Bayne. I noticed how he was able to work with a veteran driver consistently and be completely confident. Impressive.

            I had watched him before in the trucks and some Nationwide racing last year. I was familiar with the fact that he was a good driver who seemed to have the touch. I was excited to see him really doing well and with very little nervousness.

            The morning of the Daytona 500, I was in the kitchen cooking and heard Trevor and David Pearson come on for a live interview. I stopped to watch it, wanting to gauge this young man and see if he was still giving off that vibe.

            I watch and listen as the reporter asks him how he is feeling this morning and how he had slept. His reply was very interesting.

            He said something like: I am strangely calm. I feel good, not nervous. I slept good. I am excited to be here and can’t wait to drive the Motorcraft Ford with the Wood Brother’s retro paint. And excited to be racing the same car as the legend David Pearson the year he is inducted into the Hall of Fame.

            As I watched him say those words, I knew then he would be the race winner that day. Something about his overall energy was just like a beacon pointed to him saying “WINNER”.

Trevor Bayne Daytona 500 2011 winner

            I told my husband, who of course laughed at me. One of the announcers picked Trevor also and that guy was also questioned about his “faith in the rookie”. The announcer took my position in his own words and said that everything about his body language, everything about his composure and his calmness that morning indicated this guy would win.

            As the race progressed, I was not liking the two car draft and the large accidents that were caused due to it. But I was excited to see Trevor had been able to keep himself in the hunt.

            As the final laps were winding down, my husband say to me “I cannot believe it, you were right. That kid is gonna win!” I held my breath during the last lap and was cheering loud enough to send the cats out of the room when he crossed the finish line.

            The best thing has been watching this young man be gracious, mature and level headed as he made his way through the week of celebration that followed.

            And the way Trevor handled being first out this week at Phoenix makes me sure that this is a legend in the earliest stages of the making. He was very humble, happy and took the whole thing in stride. What a breath of fresh air for the sport. Someone who is not easily rattled, has composure and always something kind to say no matter how bad the situation may look to others.

            Good luck and The Best to you Trevor. I am looking forward to having someone great to root for again!

Check above for an overview of who Trevor is and what he has done in racing so far.

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