Whirl Wind Weekend is Ready for a Party!

Posted on February 25, 2011


Energy Flow Update

Friday-Monday Feb. 25-28, 2011  (in addition to this week’s earlier blog)

A Whirl Wind Weekend may leave us feeling amazed and even a bit bewildered! Expect the unexpected and the ability to get down to the root cause of issues, uncover missing or hidden information or items.

Put the influx of nervous energy to work on whatever moves you, but be sure to do something constructive…cross an item off that to do list, even if it is one small thing! The momentum will be worth it!

Here is my baby sitting right next to the heavy hitters!!!! How AWESOME is THAT :0D I can't stop smiling!!

Be on the look out for “hot heads” or flare ups. Count to ten, walk away or use a pink light visualization to help diffuse this rowdy energy flow.

This energy current is right for putting yourself, your goals and your projects on display. Whether it is pitching an ideas to gather resources, taking steps to attract the best into your life, creating something in anyway (painting, building, growing, sewing, dancing, singing, playing, make believe games, telling/writing stories) or giving yourself some deserved care (exercise, yoga, stretching, meditation, prayer, silent reflection, bubble bath, etc.) now is a very supportive time to do some of these things.

Many of us will see affirmation of what path our efforts in life are leading us through. We will become clearer as to what mode we are taking to our best life. The action steps and goals that we should be focused on will come to the fore front during the new few weeks. Projects will either get the go ahead or a definitive change will happen and we will redirect.

Now is time to make contacts that will stabilize the foundation you are building upon. Attaining new knowledge and giving resources to others will benefit our entire Human Being greatly and is recommended.

            Friday and Saturday are perfect for parties and socializing. Big dreams and ideas will abound, write them down for later use.

Sunrise from my office window two weeks ago 2-11-2011


  Saturday evening through Monday we may feel a bit slower and more mellow. Methodic, thorough and productive are energies of these days. This energy supports re-work and revision of action steps, ideas, project, routines, lifestyles, etc. Cleaning out areas that clutter has developed is a great activity for this flow. And it is a good time to make habit or life style changes (quit smoking, change one eating habit, etc.) as action taken now will have staying power.

            Enjoy your weekend and be safe and kind! :)(:AmberLena:)(:



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