Universal Energy Flow Report Dec. 27, 2010 thru Jan. 2, 2011

Posted on December 30, 2010


 December 27, 2010 Monday thru January 2nd, 2011 Sunday:

The energy is in decreasing mode this week as we enjoy the change in energy of the Sun. It has made it past the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, ushering in six months of overall growth. We are in the midst of a challenging energy flow in regards to accidents, travel, communication and electronics. Mishaps can be expected and delays are likely. Make sure you have a plan “B” and your patience. Avoid any major purchase until after January 4th if possible. Check, check and double check information and details to get the most support during this challenging energy flow. This is a good week for getting rid of stuff you no longer need and finding things you may have lost. The mid week may seem withdrawn or sullen, but the week end will be made for a last hooray party!!! :oD Make to be careful and safe while you are enjoying the revelry.

Monday, Tuesday into Wednesday afternoon we are in an indecisive although social and perhaps romantic flow. These are good days to go over works already in progress and do revision work. With the long weekend behind us and another coming up quickly, people maybe a bit impatient or cranky from separation feelings after the holidays spent with family and friends.  This natural and to be expected after such a big production.

Wednesday 12-29-2010 evening thru Friday evening 12-31-2010: A great time to clean out get rid of things that don’t belong or are no longer supporting our goals and dreams. Be careful sorting and climbing, double check everything you decide to get rid of in case it may be worth a bit on e-Bay. :o) Some may seem or feel withdrawn/secretive. It will be a good time to uncover hidden information and maybe fid lost items.

Friday 12-31-2010 night thru Sunday January 2nd, 2011: Ain’t Nuthin’ but a Parrrrrtayyyyy!!!! A jovial mood and optimistic feeling will abound through the weekend, which will be some much needed fun to welcome a New Year!!!  The determined flow of the month will help to make starting our New Year’s Resolutions on Tuesday Jan 4th or after supported by firm footing and clarity.