Free and Easy ways to Boost Your Energy Right Now!!!

Posted on December 29, 2010


Quick and easy ways to get your energy flowing right now!

Stretch to energize:

Start by standing with your legs spread apart

Stretch only to your comfort level...will vary for each person. No matter how far your feet are apart, you will feel more energized when you finish this stretch!

Rotate your right leg out 90 degrees

Rotate your trunk so that you are looking over your right leg

Bring the arms up horizontal to the floor

When ready, bend your right leg at the knee positioning it over your ankle

Hold the pose for as long as you desire, breathing in and out deeply 

When completed, straighten your leg, allow your arms to fall by your side

Turn, repeating the steps for the other leg.

Eat, Drink or smell something peppermint. Peppermint stimulates your senses, giving you a feeling of energy. Same goes for citrus smells.

Wiggle your toes to combat the afternoon need to nap, if you can't nap! (Napping is always better!)

 Wiggle your toes. Wiggling your toes activates

the “awake” (alert) area of

 your brain.

Take a walk. This gets your blood flowing, making you more alert.

Vitamin B’s. These help give you energy. Many energy drinks being sold now use them as a booster. Check the label to be sure you are not getting a lot of Sodium. Red Bull is the WORST. It has way too much salt in it. There are lots of others with very little salt. That will cause our body to retain water weight we do not need.

Carnelian and Red Jasper gemstones (rocks). Both of these stone stimulate and energize. Put one in your pocket, or tuck it in your bra. You can also wear jewelry made of those.

Wear orange or yellow garments of any type.

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 Amber Delwey