Wednesday Dec. 22, 2010 Energy flow and a Holiday thought!

Posted on December 22, 2010


A determination has joined the energy flow just in time for the celebration of fun, love and family. A home and family focused day, could be a day that emotions could come out into the open. There is quite a bit of supportive energy in the mix right now, so don’t be afraid to say that thing you have been thinking about for a while. Avoid any new directions or declarations of love. By tomorrow, we go into full “Show mode” ready for guests, a party and a performance! Big hearts and grand gestures will be found popping up everywhere! A perfect start to a moment we all pause to be grateful to have been created here on the Earth in this Human form and allowed to experience this manifestation of energy mass on behalf of The Creator.
We give thanks that The Creator sent a Human to Earth those many years ago to explain to us imply that wear are all connected by the same basic energy and that energy is love. Thankfully that person, Yeshuah (Jesus), was willing to follow with blind faith (the knowing that The Best Thing will happen no matter what the Human mind perceives) the path The Creator had put Him in tune with. A path which left a legacy that has spanned many Human lifetimes. A legacy that continues to show Humans that simple love is all it takes to have a balanced, wholesome world!

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Amber Delwey

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