Energy Flow Update Dec. 13-18, 2010

Posted on December 14, 2010


A high energy week lies ahead! Watch for mishaps w/communication, travel, electronics, business deals, etc. Check, check & re-check. The uplifted and optimistic mood continues though :o) Today we will be feeling the urge to really commit to big goals. Unless you have already begun put them into motion, it is Best to write down your thoughts & ideas for review after the new year. This period is great for coming up with ideas, but not for starting projects of any kind. They will be VERY challenged to work out if you try to force them to start now, so you maybe wasting your energy if you try to push it (ALWAYS go with the flow)!!
Monday will be dreamy and perhaps a bit emotional, plus there is a possibility to get irritated and be angry or unkind, so try to do the things you know will be easy and stay away from those who are known to push your “hot” buttons!
Tuesday, Wednesday and through Thursday morning we will be rockin’! The energy will be an increasing mode, and we will be active, fast paced and maybe a bit impatient…watch your temper :o) Great days for getting stuff ready for the upcoming celebration week and welcomed for those who have lots to do and only [this much] time! Be sure to check, check and re-check, all the way through year end, as we are apt to miss details or experience delays and miscommunications. Also don’t forget to eat something substantial, not just cookies and junk on the go….take care of your body, b/c it is the season for catching an unwanted “bug”.
Thursday afternoon, Friday and Saturday will continue to be high energy days. These days will down to earth, comfort focused and good days to make things stick. Good days to make repairs, amends or finally make that change you have been thinking of. These days have lasting –longness- energy that will make whatever you do difficult to change, so be sure you want it to stay that way.
Watch words for the week are….let the little stuff slide, ride the energy and optimism wave and enjoy a welcomed flow of uplifting energy!

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Amber Delwey

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