Just one hour and 15 minutes!!!!

Posted on November 26, 2010


Amber (me) with the first shipment of "the Best Thing" books to sell!!! 11-10-2010

The celebration is on, the house and treats are ready and I will hardly be able to sleep waiting on tomorrow to celebrate my book! Thank you to everyone who has helped me to achieve this AWESOME and totally EVERYTHING I ever dreamed of goal! The questions, advice, challenges and support have helped to shape this moment into one I will NEVER forget!!!!

REMEMBER…if you order online at www.theamberlight.com use coupon code EG2010 to get a FREE Energy Grid-Power forYour Life when you buy the book “The Best Thing:Placing Your Order with the Universe”.

This book will help make everything about our intution and the “new” awareness of our unseen connection to each other, the Earth and the cosmos understandable and easy to use!

Have a greay day and night and I will talk to all of you in the morning (here in Indiana!) :o)


cc2010 The Amber Light Publishers all rgt rsvd

Amber Delwey

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