Law of Attraction and the Energy Flow Report: How much info is too much?

Posted on November 24, 2010



I,( being Amber Delwey), write as AmberLena. I have created and Energy Flow Report that gives an overview as to what type of energies you might expect to encounter on any given day.  You may be the one to experience a certain mood or tendency, or it may be someone you know. And you might not be affected by certain energies due to any number of factors. As Humans we will all, at times, find ourselves swept up in a current we haven’t much control over. That is when tools come in handy to help steady OR balance our vessel.

This forecast is an interpretation of the mathematical angle certain planets, stars, asteroids, Sun, etc. have to the Earth at any given time. These angles have been measured for many thousands of years and patterns have been recorded. Those patterns hold true, the flow or “wave” that each body of matter that we measure (and the ones we don’t or can’t) is similar when certain objects are in certain places…NOT EXACTLY the same, because nothing is EVER at the same angle twice, due to the nature of the burning and expanding of the Universe.

This Report is much the same as a weather report. You find out what type of baseline the day, week, month, year even decade is going to have and “choose” (freewill) your attitude accordingly. More importantly it occurs that it is not YOUR reaction to things that you are preparing for, but the reaction of others who DO NOT choose or may not understand how to be balanced.

It is supposed to be similar to knowing that you might want a jacket, just in case of rain today. Eg: Be on the lookout for accidents b/c people who are at a certain angle at a certain time who not PAYING ATTENTION may have an accident or narrowly miss.

My coach said “Can’t you be causing these things to happen to you….attracting them by knowing about them.?”

If you spend your time focused on the challenging information about the energy flow, then I can see how you would easily be able to attract that energy into your world. However, I look at it once or twice, then I do not think about it anymore…..just like watching the weather report. I listen but do not “freak-out” or obsess about what kind of weather each day brings. Also, the more balanced a person is able to become and the more supportive ways they have to manage the energies and the way they flow, the less “choppy” or “static filled” the flow seems to be to that person. Another example; Right now the flow has shifted to optimistic and some much needed good fortune (for everyone in different ways).

Now, an unbalanced person who is NOT using their Intuition (gut feeling) might take that to mean they should buy 100 lotto tickets or over-estimate the amount of success they might have and seek unrealistic outcomes.  For a person who chooses to focus on The Best Thing and allows their Being, their Intuition, their gut to guide them, they will use that info to be on the lookout for opportunities that will lead them to The Best outcome for their goals.

Also, every tool that we as Humans have access to does not have to be used by every person. You should only use the tools you are comfortable with. If you feel that reading something like this is too suggestive to your subconscious, there is NO harm in that, no shame and nothing wrong. It just does not fit your “vibe” (vibrations or frequency). If it does not make you feel like you are resonating with the Best Thing you should not use it.

It takes a different mix of tools for every Human Being to attract The Best Life for that person. There is no “right or wrong”, only variations to Tune ourselves into the Universal Energy Flow that will place our order for The Best Thing loud and clear. :)(:AmberLena:)(:

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Amber Delwey