Gemstone cleaning and storage

Posted on November 5, 2010


“Gems, and Stones and Rocks Oh My!

Gemstone Basics

Storage: Always use a natural container to store/transport your gemstones. Glass, paper, or cloth are the best choices for this. Even a cardboard box is a better choice than metal or plastic.

Metal can have an adverse reaction with some gemstones and plastic will “suffocate” them, meaning suppress the energy of the stone.

Plastic is okay to take them home in after purchase, but they should be removed and cleansed as soon as possible.


Cleaning: Anytime you purchase a new gemstone, you should cleanse it before you carry it, use it or place it in your environment. There are several ways to do this, so the choice should be what you feel comfortable with, or the most easily accessible.

1)     Cold running water: hold or place the stone under the faucet for 60-120 seconds. You can also use a stream or rain.

2)     Sea salt bath: dissolve 1 tbsp of sea salt in a bowl of water. Submerse the stone or stones for 24 hours. Remove, then rinse the stone(s) and dry. Discard used solution.

3)     Brown Rice (preferred): Brown Rice is simple, easy to find (check your local grocer), and inexpensive. It is also reusable; all you have to do is sit the rice in direct sunlight for a day. This will clean the energy the rice has absorbed from the stones allowing it to be reused. Simply put the stone or stones in a dish deep enough to completely cover them. Leave for 24 hours. Then they are ready to go. This method has proven to be the most reliable for complete cleansing of energies that the stone may have collected during mining, shipping, handling, healing or personal use.

4)     Other stones: There are a few gemstones that will cleanse others. Clear quartz, kyanite and carnelian will cleanse other gemstones they are put with. They also charge other stones. You can put them in a pouch or container with the stones that need cleansing or recharging. You can also sit one stone on top of another. Hematite may also be used to cleanse other stones.”

excerpt from “The Best Thing: Placing Your Order with the Universe” by A.L. Powers

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