Worry/Obsessive Thought Circuit Breaker

Posted on October 7, 2010


When you just can’t stop worrying

“Worry” or nagging thoughtcircuit breaker

An unbelievably easy tool you can use to make your self stop the thought train when you get stuck on something and just can’t get your mind to stop:

Take your left hand and lay it over your forehead like you are taking your temperature.

Next, while you are thinking about the thing you want to stop thinking about, moving your eye balls only (eyes can be open or closed) do the following movements:

Look up

Look down

Look to the right

Look to the left

Look to the upper right corner

Look to the lower left corner

Look to the upper left corner

Look to the lower right corner

Repeat 5-6 times. After each cycle, you can also hum or sing a few bars of an easy song like “Happy Birthday” or your national anthem. Then count to ten. Start again with eye roll. When you are finished you may have a few more moments of thought about the subject. However within 2-3 minutes you will go onto something else. This is an electrical/energy based exercise that disrupts the circuit on which the thought is travelling in your brain, like digging up the “track” or “road”.

This is an adaptation of a process described in Annette Cargioli’s handbook “Emotional Polarity Therapy in a Day” called “The Eye Roll Exercise”.

from “The Best Thing:Placing Your Order with the Universe”  A.L. Powers

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