Stop Your Energy Loss

Posted on September 24, 2010


One of the ways we can easily, quickly and at no cost enhance a supportive energy flow is to make sure we are not discarding our energy.

       Two places that will rob us of our needed energy flow are trash cans and toilets. Drains also are unknowingly sapping energy from your efforts in life. Below is are some tips to stop this out flow of energy that you can start doing right now:

Trash Cans-When possible, they should have lids. Also, tying a red ribbon around the top, or painting a red line around the rim will keep your energy from literally going “in the trash”.

 Toilets-Keep them clean and the lid down whenever possible. We don’t want to flush anymore of our energy down the drain than necessary. A red ribbon could be tied around the bottom of the toilet for those who like keep the lid up. Perhaps a red string in the wax seal that goes on the floor where the toilet sits, or a way to put a red ring around the rim could also be tested.

Drains-We wash all kinds of things down them and some of the stuff needs to go. To keep your needed energy from “going down the drain” simply tie a red string or ribbon around the drain pipe under the sick, or paint a red line around it with nail polish, a red marker or automotive touch up paint.